Monday, March 23, 2009

Toilet Monster

My bro. & his wife Mark & Jennie are to me the ideal couple as far as sense of humor goes (and a lot of other ways too)....and they proved it to me once again by the gift that they sent for Adam's b-day. I'm not sure exactly who picked it out, but I could see both of them doing it. I laughed so freakin' hard when I opened it....probably the best laugh I've had for weeks. Jennie had told me to open it and set it up first before letting Adam see it....and so I did. And videoed the response....enjoy! Thanks Mark, Jen, & girls....we love you!

side note: Adam still keeps saying "roar" whenever he sees the gift, but it hasn't scared him from the toilet. It's stuff like this that makes parenting even more fun.


Hopie said...

That's funny!!! Only YOUR brother would do something like that and only Jennie would encourage it!!! I love them!!!

Lindsay said...

That is too funny! haha I love it!

Janet said...

That's so awesome! Who knew they even made stuff like that?

By the you still sell Arbonne stuff? I'm almost out of my concealer so I need to order some more. Give me a call so we can chat about baby stuff too. :O)

JeMM said...

We were worried we would terrify the boy from the toilet but it was just too good to follow up his adventures of throwing everything/anything in the toilet! We were thinking a little plunger but this made us laugh more. You are good sports.

Shane and Brandi said...