Monday, May 23, 2011

Our grandma's the greatest!

No! Our grandma's the our's is.....

I know you may THINK you have the best MIL, but I'm pretty sure mine's the greatest! She is so patient, fun, loving, giving, easy-going, etc. and my kids pretty much ADORE this sweet lady
She does all sorts of fun things for and with the kids...I'm beginning to think she lives FOR them....not sure yet, but I'm getting suspicious. Anyhoo....I'd never move far away from her because she makes my kids so happy and they'd die if we did, and so would I. I love you "Wa Wa" (Emily's nickname for grandma).

Kids making Easter treats at grandma's house...she does this with them a lot, and let's them help, and YES, we do dare eat the treats once their made cause I'm pretty sure there's nothing bad about them...even if they are made with little sticky hands.