Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So...... I decided to save some mulah this year by making the kids' halloween costumes. Quite honestly, I'm rather proud of my efforts. Oh, believe me, I know they are nothing great. I'm not a sewer by any means, but I can straight stitch and apparently that, some trips to find my wares at the thrift store, and a little creative thinking can get you


and a LADY BUG

Yes, I would do it was kind-of fun and challenging. And it did, in fact, save money. Adam's costume cost $2.00 (yellow poncho and fire hat) and Emily's was $1.00 (red t-shirt). The rest came from stuff I had around the house, including wings for Em which I made from wire hangers and some old nylon black stockings I had. And this works perfectly because they are too young to notice if their costume is home-made (y'all know what that means). Adam actually had a lot of fun being a fireman...he felt pretty cool. Emily was just happy to get some candy. And I was a proud mamma :) I even dressed up in an old dance costume of my mom's. I hope everyone had a happy halloween!