Friday, July 10, 2009

Trouble is my business and business is good.

That's a saying on one of Adam's shirts....and today it fit. So, here's a little story for y'all. This morning my husband comes home from work and says " a truck I was working on started on check out my singed leg hairs." Me.....not surprised in the least, but somewhat concerned " the truck okay?" Apparently gas was leaking in it, it started fire somehow, but it was okay and didn't do any I don't know, but he said it didn't. Mike had come home to take a shower and clean up to head back to he was getting ready to do that while we talked. In the time that it took for us to have this short conversation and make our way back to the bedroom something else happened.

Me: " really smell like smoke."
Mike: (sniff) "uh, that's not me"
Me: thought in my head as I go back out to the kitchen where Adam and my niece were "....where's Adam?"
As I approach our kitchen, I see Adam, my sweet little boy, standing looking up at our microwave and saying "I cook it!" Sure enough, I look in through the semi-transparent door of the microwave and see a fire. He had put one of his toy cars inside and was cooking it.
Me: "MIKE....FIRE."
Mike then proceeds to run out and help me clear off the top of the microwave, unplug it, and he picks it up and carries it out our back door to put it on the grass......all the while he is buck-naked. Remember, he came home to take a shower. With hands over my face and laughing, I said a mental prayer that my neighbors were safe inside their homes.
Adam: "no no no" shaking finger like he was scolding the place where the microwave used to sit. Me: " think?"
Good thing God gave us a sense of humor right? Well, just thought you all might enjoy just an inside glimpse to how my life is playing out :) I appreciate my mother in so many more ways these days.