Thursday, June 17, 2010


This past weekend we went to Ogden for our annual Austin family reunion (Mike's mom's brothers/sisters and families). Now I'm not sure why, but in the past my perception of Ogden always included the word "ghetto," but now I totally look forward to going up each year and hanging out. Maybe it's because I'm starved for vacation time and suffer from a case of wanderlust every other week, or maybe because I love Nola's family so much, but either way it's such a treat for me to go. It's been a family tradition to go fishing (if that's really what you'd call's like fishing on speed...I feel like I'm cheating every time but it's really fun) at a nearby fish hatchery. This started when Mike was a wee boy and we've gone every year...but it's more fun having your own kids share in the you can see by the included video below. Enjoy the pics...I'm the family's personal paparazzi. Tootles!

We also went downtown to the old train museum because Adam has a passion for trains. It was interesting to see how frickin' huge those locomotive engines were. The weather was not condusive to doing much else, so we just chilled like Bob Dyl (Dylan that is) the rest of the time.