Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So you think you can dance

One of the greatest passions I have in this life is dancing. As awkward as I am, I can't help but love dance/dancing. I've never excelled at it, but I've had my moments....and I want to be able to do it until I die...and then do it some more. I constantly find myself listening to music (another passion) and choreographing dances to it in my head. And when it comes to dance, there's very little discrimination on my part...I love pretty much all of it. That's why one of my favorite shows is "So you think you can dance" which starts again tonight and I'm so excited to see what talent shows up this time. The two songs I've loved lately for mental choreographing are "Lost" - by Anouk and "Now"- by Dave Carroll ...both of which are just pretty to me....playlist only has Lost though. :)'s mellow yellow.