Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm reading a few books right now....but one in particular has thoughts that I wish to share...and will at random for the next little while. I like what it has to say. It's a collaboration of quotes from other people....which lends to easy sharing...Enjoy!

Don't Ever Doubt Yourself

"You have so much to offer, so much to give, and so much you deserve to receive in return. Don't ever doubt that. Know yourself and all of your fine qualities. Rejoice in all your marvelous strengths of mind and body. Be glad for the virtues that are yours, and pat yourself on the back
for all your
many admirable achievements. Keep positive. Concentrate on that which makes you happy, and build yourself up. Stay nimble of heart, happy of thought, and healthy of mind, and well in being." - Janet A. Sullivan

Thanks for sharing Janet Sullivan.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I believe I've started my "nesting" stage of pregnancy....or you could call it spring cleaning, either way I've been spending my time cleaning lately (with the exception of when my family was here from NY...why waste important time cleaning). Today I cleaned under my kitchen sink and organized all of the cleaners and was glad I did that before a plumber or anyone else had to venture there.....boy howdy it was gross. My sweet little Adam didn't even care that I was in "forbidden country" while I was cleaning either....he just played with his toys and let me be...until it was time to put everything back and then he came and put every bottle back in for me and shut the cupboard doors.....I was amazed that he didn't want to cause more mischief. Well, I guess it's about time that I start doing something to get ready for this bambino that's coming in July. I have a marathon ahead of me and I haven't done any training yet....I better get started or I'm going to be very unprepared....which isn't a good idea. Any good suggestions or ideas are welcome.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

In the Spirit of the Season....

Well, I'm not going to lie to y'all....being married for Mike and I has not always been this isn't going to be too mushy. In fact, most days it's been down right difficult. We are prideful and stubborn and make things more difficult on ourselves than is probably really necessary....however, it hasn't all been bad, and there has been enough really good times to keep us trying. For some people, love and loving comes easily...that would be nice. For us, it has taken some work, tears, and more compromise than most...but at the end of the day we still come home to each other and don't want to be anywhere else. This Valentine's day, we were able to have grandma and grandpa take Adam overnight so that we could have some "us" time together. We went to a good movie Friday night ("New in Town" it was really cute and a good normal love story with some funny parts) went to Fiesta Fun because we could and watched another movie cause Mike wanted to ("Fireproof" it was a good story too...a little more religious than I expected, but still good with some cheesy acting). Woke up Sat. and had a long-long-long conversation that wasn't planned but needed and got massages together. Ate lunch together and then did our own thing for a bit before we both went to pick up Adam from Gma's....of the which, he could've cared less that we walked in the door....he was having a good time with grandma. It was a good weekend that refreshed us both I believe, despite the fact that we both have good colds today :) I believe that the more we work on our love story though, the better it's getting. It doesn't have to be perfect but it's ours and it's real.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today was such a random weather day, but I loved it. While I drove around town I went through foggy mist, sunny blue skies, and rain & sleet in about 20min. Well, I really had nothing to blog about, but I was getting annoyed at hearing "Bad Boys' so I needed a reason to change my music....b.t.w. Adam still seems bent on adding diapers to the toilet whenever he gets 2 seconds of unnoticed time....and no amount of punishing is deterring you think I'm in trouble?????

Monday, February 2, 2009

Curiousity clogged the toilet

So, yesterday I went to a meeting before church and left Adam and Mike to chill at home and get ready for church. Mike said he put on an animal show on the tube for Adam to watch while he took a "quick shower" and thought that it would keep his attention....I know you mom's of toddlers are already laughing now. When I got home I found them in our bedroom, Mike holding Adam with a strange look on his face patting his legs. "Do you know how he got wet?" Mike asked me as I entered (my thought: uh, I'm the one who just got were the one that was here...why would I know) my response: No, but maybe he got into the tub which is still wet from my shower this morning? As I opened our bathroom door I found the most magnificently decorated toilet...see exhibit A, B, and C. (b.t.w. the door was closed but he knows how to open them now)
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

I laughed.....a lot, because I knew there was no way I was cleaning that up and Mike couldn't dispute it. Also, I had to admire the creativity of my little mischievous son who was able to accomplish this in such a short time. As you will notice, he didn't just use toilet paper, but also thought to stop by his garbage can in his bedroom and pick up a few dirty diapers to throw in.....HA HA HA HA! Seriously I've been giggling about it the whole time. Maybe I was just in the right mood, but it was great!
Well, later in the day we went to grandma & grandpa's for dinner and as we were talking with friends who had been invited over for dinner we stopped paying close attention to Adam who was supposedly playing in the hallway with toys and our friend's kids. After awhile, Mike went to find Adam....and he did. In the bathroom......standing by the toilet in a pool of water. HA HA HA HA!!!!! I really was in a good mood yesterday. After assessing the situation, we discovered that our little genius had stuffed plenty of toilet paper in the toilet and flushed it, which clogged the toilet....but why stop there? He kept flushing it, and flushing it, and.....well, hence the mini pond. Good thing I have such a good-natured mother-in-law. She just laughed and then was like "oh, I'll clean it up." I wasn't about to let her do that, but as I started to clean it up, she was like "Gina, go sit down I've got it." I'm not about to get in grandma's way, so she cleaned it up and has yet earned her another right into heaven....she truly is the most angelic lady. Two toilets in one day....for a kid who's been pretty good about toilety messes....he sure made up for the time. It's so funny the things that happen in our day because of's great!
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