Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh, why not...

Since becoming a parent, and possibly beforehand, I have come up with the idea that as long as my children are unable to create a long-term memory I wouldn't participate in the usual rituals of creating big to-do's about big events (i.e. holidays and birthdays). I didn't see the point in putting together big b-day parties, etc. for a 1-yr-old (and such) who could care less that it was being done. Not that I'm trying to be a "party-pooper" but it's a lot of work and let's be's really for the if I didn't care, and my child couldn't care, then why???? Well, I went against my idea this time and threw Adam a 2-yr-old b-day party...however, I'm proud to say that I really didn't make much of a big fuss. I just invited friends and family to come, bring food if they wanted to or offered, NO PRESENTS (even though some did and that was very nice but unneccessary, but very nice indeed), and bought a pinata so that the older cousins wouldn't be bored. We cooked hot-dogs and I did make a small cake that looked like a soccer ball for the birthday boy (it was my first real attempt at cake decorating and I think it turned out pretty good....this was about me, but Adam really appreciated the "ball" because he loves balls). Anyhow, it turned out to be a good excuse to get people together and it's been a REALLY long time since I've done anything like this. I'm grateful the weather was nice and was happy that those who came could come and celebrate/hang out with us. It was fun, a lot of work, but fun. I still hold to the idea of not doing things too big for little ones though because if you start out big you just have to grow from me lazy (I prefer practical) but it's true....and if you're willing and all means, go for it. I do know that when my kids get to where they care about these things I will have a ton of fun doing it for them and love every minute of celebrating life with them....I don't buy into the whole "if you don't do it now you never will" crap that some have tried to use....

Also, my sis-in-law Lindsay was awesome as usual and invited us over to decorate cupcakes for St. Patty's day. She made the cutest cupcakes that looked like shamrocks and we of course had fun at their house, so I added a few pics of that as well.

Anyhow, enjoy the pics from the party and such....Adam got a handsome new church outfit from Grandma and I think he looks fabulous in it if I do say so....see below. Thanks again to all those who came and made it a fun evening with us....maybe now that my porch and yard is cleaned up we'll do more....?


Hopie said...

YEA!!! Big 2 year old!!! I love that Randy's mom still makes a fuss about our birthdays!!! My parents couldn't give a crap about any of our birthdays, but I have to admit, it makes me feel like I'm important to her when she does stuff for our birthdays!!! Fun pictures!!!

The Leithead Family said...

I can't believe Adam is 2!! He is growing up so fast...and he is so darn cute!!! And congrats on the new baby due in June! We moved to Lovell, WY back in September. It has been an adjustment, and we miss all of our friends in St. George!! You can see our blog at

Jodi Glazner said...

I see the birthday parties for the tiny kids as a chance for me to thank the "village" that is helping me raise my kids. We just invite our friends and family over and have some casseroles and bagged salad and enjoy each other's company. I order a cake from Costco and party. So it's not so much for the kids as for my personal community to get together.

The Palmers said...

I clicked on to your blog while holding sick Pyper standing in my lap and guess what I found out! Pyper likes to dance. I did not know this! But the music came on from your blog and the bopping started. She even got her hands in to it.
Thanks for the cute blog and fun music! Yes, the parties are more for the adults, but it is still fun to get together.

JeMM said...

the girls and I looked at the pictures together - here are some of the comments
"Oh, I Wish that we were there" "Adam is so cute"
"She's my friend" - Lydia when she saw Ella
"Cool cake, how did she do that?"
"I want to know how she made it round!" -Me
"There's Austin" "I wish we were there"- yes, lots of times I heard this one!
Looked like fun and we really love you all.
Happy Birthday Adam!

Alton clan said...

good points Jodi...I'll have to change my view. Glad Pyper liked the music, that's cute. And Jen, I wish you were here all the time too!!!!

Mishqueen said...

When I was in south america, I noticed that the 1st birthday party was the biggest party a person would receive until they got married (sometimes that darn quinceƱera was an exception). Each family would blow a year's income on their kid's first birthday, no joke. I always wondered why that was, since the 1 yr old's never cared or remembered.

But in their case, maybe 1 year was the time period where they could breathe easier about infant mortality rates? The high rates are not so far back in their history.

Is that where our own country's traditions come from? That would be from quite a while ago, if that's the case.

(I just read back over what I, what a Debbie Downer I am! Who the heck invited ME to the party?!)