Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feed the birds

So, the weather here in S.G. has been nearly sinful as beautiful as it has I have taken advantage of it lately with my little sidekick Adam and gone outside to play more. It's made me a little Spring-sick however. Today after playing at the nearby park, we got lunch with Mike and went and had a family picnic and feed some local fowl at a golf course pond.....As you can see from the pictures, we had fun and there was an abundance of said fowl to feed.

They were actually pretty friendly too.....I recommend them over the birds at the St. George golf course because those suckers are way too aggressive. was a fun afternoon and I was surprised that Adam didn't freak out when the geese got close. He actually feed them pretty well for his first time, and even let a few eat right from his hand. He really wanted to get into the water with the ducks though, so next time we'll have to bring the back leash thingy we bought for such times as these.
I recommend this to anyone who's looking for a new and cheap activity to do with the kids....or adults who think they are still kids....either way, buy your bread from the bread store on the blvd. because you can get it cheap and take more than one loaf because these suckers are hungry hungry hippos and 1 loaf goes fast. It was the Bloomington Hills golf course b.t.w.

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Lindsay said...

I will have to take my kids to do that, they would love it. But first I guess I have to buy 2 leashes or they would both be in the water before I could do anything about it. You guys are so fun!