Sunday, October 19, 2008

Perspective changes everything

I've had a few opportunities this week to hear from some wise people in various ways. One of the best reminders I had this week was about perspective and that if we keep the right perspective on things it makes all the difference in our ability to learn from and deal with situations. I'd like to share the analogy:

An avid football fan was on a flight back home during his favorite team's big game that week. Unable to access the game while in flight, the fan quickly found someone upon landing and leaving the plane that could tell him the outcome of said game. He was relieved and happy to discover that his team had, in fact, won the game. Being the great fan that he was however, he had arranged to record the game so that he could view it when he arrived home that evening. While viewing the game, his family noticed that the fan's behavior was drastically different than other times. Usually, the fan would yell at bad calls, get overly excited at good plays, and generally over-react to many of the happenings during a game.

The speaker went on to point out that because the fan had learned of the outcome of the game before watching it, he was able to relax and not over-react. No matter if a referee made a bad call against his team or someone fumbled, no matter if the other team scored, the fan was able to keep it cool because he already knew that in the end, his team would win.

Life application :

If we are able to maintain a perspective that extends beyond the "here and now" we are able to respond better to situations (good or bad) in the appropriate way that will allow us to learn and grow from the situations rather than have it tear us down or destroy relationships and faith. And religiously speaking, we know the outcome of this life's game. If we keep that perspective and live accordingly, we don't need to overreact to the day to day challenges.

I thought this was worthy of I hope you find it worthy of reading. Cheers!


TheBlueEyedBandits said...

What a great point and example!

Debie said...

What a great analogy! Thanks for the post! BTW-I've added your blog to my links so I can keep up to date on family and their happenings. I missed going to the reunion and renewing those ties so this will have to do. :)