Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Shine Project and my change

Hey you guuuuyyyyssssss!

Seen Goonies lately. No. Well, that's besides the point here today. I've pledged myself to help with a cause that I think is worthwhile and if you'd like to help (ie. donate $$$) let me know. OR if you'd like to do your own jars then you should. I mean, helping out others always earns you happy points right?

I came upon
The Shine Project blog rather accidentally by being lazy one day and blog hopping (yes, I'm embarrassed by that a little). But, Ashley's message resonated with me and I couldn't stop thinking about her Change4Change cause and the help she was asking for. I became inspired by her attitude and perspectives and realized that to get out of a big slump I've been in, I needed to make some changes to my life. So, I decided to start by joining her cause. I think it's great and I feel like every little bit will make a HUGE difference. Take a gander and consider it will ya :) LOVES - G

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