Friday, May 28, 2010

Gimme some happiness

why let this world weigh on your shoulders
pick it up push it off
before you let yourself colder
just look into the eyes
the good eyes of a child and see
that love rise like a river
and flow for a thousand miles
to give me some
peace love happiness
Breath in deep
feel your heart beat
just to know that life's worth living
feel your feet on the earth
you gotta (better) love it
while it's still here spinning
I got no time to worry about troubles or misgiving
just let it go
let yourself flow
cause if you're hating
then you sure ain't living
gimme some
peace love and happiness
lotta people talking
need somebody to listen
lots of people struggling
if you got
then you better start giving a little more
peace love and happiness

***yes, I've already been accused of being a hippie-loving-tree-hugging-freakaleak in my life thanks.

1 comment:

Mishqueen said...

No, just a freakaleak!