Friday, April 17, 2009


So my little brother is officially the "master party planner" in my book now. I'm not sure where he got this from because our family doesn't really do he must come by this naturally, but he and his wife Lindsay and her grandparents hosted quite the Easter Bash! Bob and Dobo (Lindsay's grandparents) let Bud use their home and all of Lindsay's family came up for the weekend, and they invited Mike, Adam, and I over for all the fun. He hid eggs and prizes around the yard for the egg hunt, had a bouncy house, a pinata, a balloon popping game, a dart game, baby was sooooo much fun for everyone. Plus Lindsay's family provided us with amazing food as well. It was the best party I've been to for .....well, I think it's the best party I've been to. ;) By the end of it all, Adam was so worn out he fell asleep about 2 blocks away when we left...that's how you know you had a fun time. A BIG THANKS to my bro. and his family (extended too) for the great day.

The master and his little helpers manning the dart board game....Adam actually won a prize too.
Ella holding one of the baby chicks....she was so good and careful with them.
Adam giving a baby chick a kiss....probably right before he started to strangle the poor thing :) happy together.....
The amazingly cute cake treats that Lindsay and her sisters made...they were so yummy too!
Checking out the baby chicks....the kids had a lot of fun with these...better than a bunny I think.
Lindsay and her sister and Kash going down the slide on the bouncy house...I love their faces ;)
Playing in the bouncy house, Kash, one of Lindsay's cousins and Adam. They loved this!
Finding the first egg on the hunt....I was surprised at how well Adam knew what to do since this was really his first egg hunt, but he gathered a few by the end of it all.


Hopie said...

Like I said earlier.... why wasn't I born to Buddy and Lindsay? DANG IT!!!

Lindsay said...

You got way better pictures than me! We will have to do an exchange for sure. Thanks for coming!!

JeMM said...

I'll host next year - any takers! We can do an egg hunt in the snow!
So fun! I'm glad you got to play. The picture of you and Mike is really nice - beautiful you!

The Palmers said...

How fun is that!

Kurt and Shelli Barnum said...

Man, Adam is getting so big! Wow! Time flies.