Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ok, so a few months ago my friend introduced me to the "Twilight" series....with the added warning "it's about vampires but it's really good." This being the first time I had ever even heard of it (I know...I know....where have I been?)....I thought "vampires...hmmm....ok....well, I'll try it out." I'm not much of a sci-fi type person to say the least, but out of courtesy I started reading the 1st book. Exactly 5 days later I finished that book....and it's not a small one if you didn't know. And thus began an obession. I find myself craving even the tinest bit of info. about the whole series....feeling completely idiotic at the same time. Luckily, since I was fairly late on jumping on the Twi-wagon I was able to go from book to book without the dreaded wait so many others experienced. I breazed through all 4 books within a month and half's time (and that was using self-restraint to do other things as well). and now I'm reading the Edward-side of thing via Stefanie Meyer's website (yes, I couldn't resist). I just have to laugh at myself because from a distance this seems completely silly....but if you've read the books you'd understand. They are intriguing for some reason and I can't help but wish my husband was an Edward sometimes....ha ha ha ha. Well...I will be going to the movie when it comes out. I've watched the trailer a dozen times already. So, if anyone else is interested, we should make it a group effort when that blessed day comes. Yes, obsessed is the right word right now.


Janet said...

Did you hear that the release date for the movie got moved to the 21st of November!? The Harry Potter movie got postponed so a slot opened up and Twlight took it! Now those of us that are obsessed can see it a full three weeks sooner. :O) (Oh...and welcome aboard the Twi-wagon!)

Lindsay said...

I am finally reading Breaking Dawn and loving it! We should go to the movie together for sure!

JeMM said...

I wish I could come with you to the movie! But I will probably get to watch it a full two hours ahead of you with my time zone advantage! HA!